What we are


Noble Domestic Agency was established by the founders of Mekaela Academies. Many family members of children from those schools have lost their jobs during the last several years. Lots of well trained and highly motivated women and men are eager to prove their skills once again.

Employees of Noble are well established fathers and mothers who put all their efforts in supporting their families and spouses. Surely they would never put a secure and sustainable job into jeopardy. That is why we favour recruiting staff who are a bit older than 30 years of age.

Our target is to create jobs, preferably for unemployed parents or other relatives of pupils of Mekaela Academies. In order to achieve our goals sooner rather than later, Noble is operating on a cost basis, which means we are working on a not-for-profit base. Noble does not pay any dividends and distributes any surplus to its staff. This helps us keep our staff happy and our rates low, which enables us to attract more clients and find a job for as many people as possible.


Needless to say that all Noble staff are registered with NSSF (National Pension Fund) and NHIF (National Health Fund) in compliance with Kenyan laws. Since 2013, Noble is additionally paying for a programme which provides free basic medical care for its regular staff. The company doesn't regard social responsibility as a burden but as a virtue.